Bun Blunder!

In the height of the ‘Free ISP’ boom in the UK (started by some chap who worked at Dixons), we launched an ISP called The Currant Bun (slang for The Sun), and later re-branded it to ‘Bun’ so that the Times could join the party.

We pressed installation CDs and inserted them into 1 million copies of the Sunday Times newspaper.

We got a letter from a man whose phone had suddenly started ringing more than usual at odd times of the day. And when he answered his phone, all he heard was a noise like a fax machine. He couldn’t talk fax.

Eventually after much research he discovered that every Sunday Times reader in the local area was trying to connect their computer to the internet via his phone. We had listed his phone number as the local ISP number in the config file. D’oh.

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