Flashback: webchat with Tony Blair

i met tony blair when he turned up at News Network to do the first ever online webchat by a prime minister.

he said he was a technophobe and didn’t understand all this world wide interweb thingy.

ch_pic_tony_blair_2.jpgi remember my boss said not to mind because we didn’t either.

at the time that comment brought a chorus of cringe but he was probably correct.

one of the questions submitted was “will the monarchy survive?”, to which the prime minister replied something along the lines of “… but ultimately the people will decide …”

the next day The Times (yes, also a News title but not involved in the webchat and therefore jealous of The Sun) frontpage reported “Prime Minister announces Referendum on future of monarchy.”

and we were told that was also the last ever online webchat that tony blair will be doing, thank you.

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