Desirable Gadgetry #213: Wi-Fi Picture Frame

Wi-Fi Picture Frame

Okay so we all know about digital photo frames by now. But this is the next gen.

This wonderful thing includes a wi-fi connection so it can connect to your home or office network.

Why would that be useful? So it can receive photos sent to it by email or MMS, using a special email address.

Why a ‘special’ email address? Because you should only reveal it to trusted friends and family! Definitely not an email address to publish on your blog and attract Viagra spam.

And it does RSS, so you can subscribe to your favorite Flickr feed for a regular supply of fresh photos.

Just swap all those cables for a decent rechargeable battery and slim down the form factor (maybe we need to wait until Apple launches the iFrame…) and I’m in.

And video streaming would be good too so I can watch my new and excellent YouTube Radiohead subscription. Check out Jigsaw Falling Into Place:

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