Desirable gadgetry #8000ae4b: Logitech Harmony 1000

Here’s the Logitech Harmony 1000, a universal remote control with something for everyone:

Logitech Harmony 1000

Rita will enjoy the usability which is task-centric, rather than being organised around different components. You tell it you want to watch a DVD in the rumpus, or listen to the radio in the lounge, and it works out what it has to do with each of your components to achieve that. Like when MS-DOS grew into MacOS I mean Windows.

Jack and Luke will not enjoy that it does infra-red and also radio frequency (RF), meaning that all of the components can be hidden away in the cupboard under the stairs. Or at least the US version does RF. In Australian, Logitech hasn’t yet secured the licensing for the right bit of radio spectrum. eBay sellers in the US will happily provide an international solution to that one.

And finally… my neighbours: here’s offering my blanket apology to my neighbours for whenever their RF garage door opens randomly in the middle of the night.

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