Speaking in HTTP/1.1

I’m a big fan of Hypertext Transfer Protocol. I am particularly fond of HTTP status codes and the meanings they convey with such concise and precise brevity. I just don’t GET why they are not used more often in natural language, and so this POST contains some examples of how we can start to use HTTP status codes in everyday dialogue.

Rita, trying to wrestle Bob’s attention away from his laptop: “Hey! Bob…?”

Bob, calmly, with Keanu Reeves curling fingers gesture: “100…”

Rita: “… will you put the bins out please?”

Bob, with a shrug of the shoulders: “202?”

Rita, with a roll of the eyes: “406!”

Bob, putting on shoes: “200 200 200 … It’s raining. Where’s my hoody?”

Rita, matter-of-fact: “302. Charity shop.”

Bob, slowly, to himself: “4 … 0 … 9″

Rita: “… and while you’re up, can you pop down to Woolies and pick up some bread and milk …”

Bob: “503″

Rita: “… and a pack of cheese sticks for Jack’s packed lunch. And nappies. And some of those stuffed jalapeño peppers ….”

Bob: “408″

Teapot: “418″

Bob, to the teapot: “Oh don’t YOU start.” (ref)

Rita: “Seriously; I NEED some jalapeños!

Bob, smiling: “402″

Rita, blushing: “403 …”

Bob, tasting victory: “…”

Rita, faking defeat: “… 200″

Bob: “200″

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