GeoMeme: measure and share real-time local twitter trends

I am pleased to announce the launch of GeoMeme, the fun way to measure and share real-time local twitter trends.

I got thinking about this when a recent Los Angeles earthquake was being measured in tweets per second rather than using the Richter Scale.

Then came the Magnitwude Calculator as a standard way to measure the magnitude of Twitter trends.

[Then came but that domain name was just too damn rude, so it was quickly renamed to GeoMeme.]

What does GeoMeme do?

GeoMeme measures real-time local twitter trends.

Tweeps are located on the map using public data from a number of iPhone twitter apps. When twitter launches its geolocation API, that will be used to locate even more people on the map.

GeoMeme measures and compares how many people on the map are tweeting about each of your two search terms:

The ‘magnitude’ of each search term is equal to the number of unique people tweeting per hour per square kilometer, so it increases when more people are tweeting in a smaller area.

Example: if 100 different people in an area of 10km2 have tweeted about ‘love’ in the last 2 hours, the magnitude is 5.0 (100 divided by 10 divided by 2).

So you can search for ‘love’ and ‘hate’ and GeoMeme works out which one “beats” the other with the higher magnitude.

The default search terms are :) and :( smiley faces which provides a good measure of local happiness, as an example.

Can I use my iPhone?

Sure, or your iPod Touch. Here’s the screenshot:

Give me an example!

Thanks to some early coverage on The Register, Mashable, and Google Maps Mania, and winning Mashup of the Day on ProgrammableWeb, we’re off to a flying start. I’m glad GeoMeme is hosted on Google App Engine for scalability.

Here’s a selection of the most popular GeoMemes so far:

How does it all work?

I will leave the details of how it all works to another post, stay tuned for that.

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