OpenAustralia Hackfest: ‘Mobile + Geo + Social’ slides

I popped into the OpenAustralia Hackfest at the weekend to learn and talk about some of the latest developments in the Gov2.0 revolution.

There are now some quite interesting public datasets available, and the developer community is hard at work turning this data into useful APIs, and building innovative applications to consume the data.

Some of the notable apps to emerge from OpenAustralia include:

  • It’s Buggered, Mate – from the Canberra Hackfest, a geo app to crowdsource the reporting of broken public infrastructure.
  • Suburb Matchmaker – the winner of the Sydney Hackfest, a tool to help you find your ideal suburb to live in.
  • FridgeMate – currently winning the MashupAustralia contest and only a couple of days away from the $10,000 prize. FridgeMate lets you assemble a map of local public amenities to stick on your fridge door. My advice to the Creative Possums behind FridgeMate would be to look at using the Zazzle API so people could buy the actual fridge magnet.

My own presentation focussed on some mobile, geo and social technologies to create location-aware mobile mashups to share OpenGov content with friends on Twitter, friends on Facebook, and *real* friends on a t-shirt. Here’s the deck:

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