GeoMeme adds MySpace real-time local trends

In other news, GeoMeme now measures real-time local trends based on both MySpace and Twitter content.

GeoMeme uses the new Real-Time Stream API from MySpace to tap into the flood of geo-located updates being posted by MySpace users all around the world.

MySpace content is mashed up with tweets from a number of mobile Twitter apps, and located onto a Google Map. Local trends are identified using semantic analysis services from Yahoo.

A couple of example GeoMemes generated by all this real-time geo-located content: Rihanna beats Lady Gaga in New York, and Avatar beats Hurt Locker in Los Angeles.

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  • Electronic Cigarette Girl

    Geomeme is blowing up! I started using this after my boyfriend recommended it a few months ago. Awesome service, they will go far.

    -Bella :)

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  • yate007

    what is mobile geo?