GeoMeme Wins MySpace Developer Challenge

How exciting! My pet project GeoMeme has been awarded ‘Most innovative use of the Real-Time Stream API’ in the MySpace Developer Challenge.

GeoMeme Wins MySpace Developer Challenge

The awards were judged by Mike Jones, MySpace’s new Co-President, and Ron Conway, renowned angel investor, and David Glazer, Director of Engineering at Google, and Robert Scoble, tech blogger and uber-geek.

GeoMeme uses the new MySpace Real-Time Stream API to tap into the flood of geo-located updates being posted by MySpace users all around the world.

Activity Streams from MySpace are mashed up with tweets from a number of mobile Twitter apps, and located onto a Google Map. Local trends are identified using semantic analysis services from Yahoo.

For example, GeoMeme knows that Rihanna beats Lady Gaga in New York and that Avatar beats Hurt Locker in Los Angeles.

Beyond the discovery and measurement of real-time local trends, GeoMeme also provides a unique view into local activity streams, as a way to discover new like-minded and nearby friends. You can then buy the t-shirt (really, you can!) to share your trends with your friends.

GeoMeme is a lightning fast web app, and is also available on iPhone as a mobile web app, optimized for mobile using Google Maps v3 API. GeoMeme is built on Google App Engine for massive scalability.

And congratulations to the other winners of the Challenge:

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