Social Recommendations For Every Site On The Web

Today Facebook announced that over 50,000 websites have implemented Social Plugins in the first week since their launch.

My favorite Social Plugin is ‘Recommendations’ which lists the pages on a site which have enjoyed the most Sharing activity by Facebook users lately. It’s a good crowdsourced measure of quality.

But I couldn’t find the plugin on any of my favorite sites.

So here’s a handy bookmarklet that allows you to see Social Recommendations for any website, not just those sites which have implemented the plugin. You might call it a Facebookmarklet.

  1. Drag this link up to the bookmarks bar of your web browser: FB-Recommended

  2. Navigate to your favorite site, and click the ‘FB-Recommended’ button to see the pages on that site which are most recommended.

If you are worried about privacy, don’t be. The plugin does not require you to be logged in to Facebook. Here’s the anonymous recommendations on today. On the site homepage itself, there’s no mention of Gordon Brown’s ‘bigoted woman’ gaff. But that story tops the list of recommended pages:

If you are logged-in to Facebook, the plugin gives preference to and highlights pages that your friends have shared:

This filtering-by-social-graph is hugely significant and valuable, for users needing to filter the signal from the noise, and for Facebook who can apply the same social filtering algorithms to improve their ad targeting.


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