GeoMeme adds Google Buzz to detect real-time geo-located trends

If you’ve been using Google Buzz on a mobile phone recently, you would know that you can choose between two filters to the real-time stream of content:

  • Social – choose ‘Following’ to filter the stream based on your social graph, or social ‘circle’ as Google prefers to call it. You will see posts from your friends, and also some public posts from friends-of-friends if the Buzz filtration algorithm thinks you want to flex your social circle.
  • Geo – choose ‘Nearby’ to filter the stream based on your location, as detected by your mobile phone. You will see public posts from nearby Buzz users, as a chronological list, or located on a map. Most of the value here comes from the stream being updated in real-time.

Now, with the release of the new Google Buzz API from Google Labs, I have added the real-time stream of geo-located Google Buzz content to GeoMeme, my pet project.

GeoMeme detects real-time geo-located trends, now based on millions of daily posts from various Google Buzz and Twitter and MySpace mobile apps.

GeoMeme can detect, for example, that Justin Bieber beats Lady Gaga in New York City.

If you’re curious about Justin Bieber, or about the amount and contents of geo-located Buzz posts, compared to geo-located Twitter and MySpace posts, check it out and let me know what you think.

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