Social Browsing on your iPhone with Safari Browser Extensions

Plug-ins, add-ons, extensions – every desktop browser supports them: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Third party developers can easily add features to these web browsers to enhance our web browsing pleasure.

But what about the mobile browser on your phone?

Mobile Firefox is the only major mobile browser to officially support extensions, and that is currently only for Maemo and Windows Mobile.

I’ve decided that’s not enough!

According to this man below, the mobile browser that accounts for most of our browsing is the iPhone’s Mobile Safari, so let’s start with that.

The technique for extending Mobile Safari makes use of bookmarklets, which are small snippets of javascript stored as a browser Bookmark. This does not require you to jailbreak your iPhone, and this does not require the latest iPhone hardware or software.

What extensions might be useful for your iPhone? According to Comscore, social networking is the fastest growing mobile activity, so I’ve focused on five extensions to make your mobile browsing more social.

There’s a whopping 55 million people using the Facebook iPhone app, and I suspect there might be demand from those people for some social extensions while browsing the web on their iPhone. So included below are extensions that allow you to Like or Share *any* mobile web page, not just the sites which have so far implemented Facebook Social Plugins. And there’s another extension that shows personalized Recommendations powered by Facebook.

Also, my personal use case: I often find myself wanting to tweet about the mobile page I’m reading. But some sites do not include any way to do this, and other sites do not make it easy, or use third party tools which require too many clicks or take me too far away from the page I am reading.

Figuring all that out on a mobile browser is not fun, so one of the extensions below is an easy, quick, reliable, always-opens-in-a-new-window extension to simply pre-fill the status box on Twitter’s own mobile site with simply the title and URL of the page you are reading. Simple.

And last but not least, there’s an extension for Google Buzz users too. Enjoy…


Whenever you want to Like a web page, this extension will display a Like button powered by Facebook Social Plugins. No more searching high and low for the Like button, and no more waiting for developers to add Like buttons to your favorite sites.

Go to on your iPhone to add this extension.


To tweet about any web page, use this extension to open Twitter in a new Safari window. Your status will be pre-filled with the title and URL of the page, ready for you to embellish before tweeting. Long URLs will be automatically shortened.

Go to on your iPhone to add this extension.


This extension displays personalized recommendations of content, powered by Facebook Social Plugins.

Go to on your iPhone to add this extension.


To share any web page on Facebook, this extension will open a share page in a new Safari window, showing the title and URL of the page. You can choose an image from the page, and add a comment, before sharing with your Facebook friends.

Go to on your iPhone to add this extension.


To post on Google Buzz about any web page, this extension will open Google Buzz in a new Safari window, showing the title and content from the page. You can add a comment before submitting your post.

Go to on your iPhone to add this extension.

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