The Next Challenge

Last month I departed Xumii after a fantastic two and a half years.

It was my absolute pleasure to lead such a massively talented group of Engineers to build our mobile social networking platform. What a ride we shared!

From stealth mode, through private beta to market launch, then the crucial pivot from a direct-to-consumer model to one aimed at mobile operators and handset manufacturers, resulting in our acquisition by Myriad Group and the scaling of our delivery capability, and then achieving customer validation by selling our technology to mobile operators in over a dozen countries, with revenues estimated at USD 80 – 100 million.

But all good things must come to an end. It’s been around 12 months since the acquisition, and I have decided to move on to The Next Challenge…

I’m co-founding a business to commercialize and export some exciting intellectual property coming out of NICTA (National Information and Communications Technology Australia) that we believe will solve a big problem in the global mobile industry.

My partners in this new venture are Max Ott and David McKeague at NICTA. It’s great to be doing this with NICTA, the largest organization in Australia dedicated to ICT research, and the birthplace of Open Kernel Labs, which recently announced the deployment of its software in over one billion mobile handsets worldwide.

We are in stealth mode, so I am unable to share many details at this time. However, for now, the tag cloud includes: mobile, geo, social, big data, psychology, and machine learning.

I’ll be leading Engineering and Product, and I expect to be back & forth between Sydney and the Bay Area for the next several months as we progress through the initial stages of customer development and product development.

Stay tuned for more details.

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