Map of Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Here’s a side project that I’m happy can finally be unveiled.

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition has been formed to educate, inspire and mobilise young Australians to solve the climate crisis.

I was recently invited to build an interactive map for the AYCC homepage, to help people understand who else was active nearby, and to motivate people to join their local group.

Check it out below. You can see how many members are active nearby, or better still, join:

How does this work? Anonymous membership data is aggregated into a count of members per postcode, then each postcode is geocoded on Google App Engine. Marker clustering is done dynamically on the browser, depending on the zoom level of the map, using the excellent MarkerClusterer library from Luke Mahe over at Google Sydney.

There’s one twist that geo hackers might find useful; custom marker objects are used, which carry the count of members in each postcode, so that the clusterer can sum the total number of members in each cluster, instead of simply counting the postcodes or markers in each cluster.

If anyone wants to do this for another country, or globally, I’m in.

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